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Class 47 - Kit Form - total cost of components

Components 5"g

Body as from mould, flash removed £370.00

Windows cut out on body £50.00

Chassis kit including bogie parts and motor mounts £250.00

Welding service for chassis £40.00

Oilite bushes for motor mounts (12off) £20.00

Steel for axles £20.00

CNC turned wheel set (12off) £200.00

Motors (6off) £330.00

Gear set for locomotive £90.00

Tank steps £12.00

Brake cylinder Set (8off) £80.00

Buffers (4off) £60.00

Resin spring set enough to complete a locomotive to include pins and carriers (12off) £100.00

Resin cast horn block (complete set for a locomotive) (6pairs) £24.00

Resin cast Dummy fuel tanks (per pair) £30.00

Buffer beam pipes/taps and jumper cable set for front buffer beam (2sets) £35.00

Circuit breakers and fuses £20.00

Axle boxes with bearings and springs, price per locomotive £200.00

Clevis coupling £6.00

Set of drawings £30.00

Optional Extras:

Mtroniks control system Please Call

Sound unit, relay board and box Please Call

Painted body, 2 colours £200.00

From £1827.00


  • £1827.00 : 5"g

Not available online

Ref: 1002640