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Precision Machined Gears are now Available from Stock. These include Spur Gears, Differential Gears and Pump Gears for a range of Road Vehicles including Minnie, Clayton and 1½" Scale Traction Engine. Plus A Range of 2" Scale Traction Engines Including Burrell Gold medal and Aveling & Porter Roller. 4" Garrett Traction Engine, 4" Burrell Single and 4" McLarren Compound (3 Speed). 6" Burrell Compound (3 Speed) and 6" McLarren Compound (3 Speed).

1 1/2" scale Traction Engine Steering Gear

Worm and Wheel


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1½" scale Traction Engine Gear Set.


A Set of 8 Precision Machined Gears for A 1" Traction Engine. Please Contact us For Details on Suitable Engines.


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Differential Gears 45T- Machined

Suitable for 1 1/2" scale Traction Engine and 2" Clayton Under-type-waggon


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